EO4SD DRR consortium discussed relation between climate change and disasters in the COP25


The UN Climate Change Conference COP 25 took place in Madrid (2nd - 13th December 2019). The EO4SD DRR consortium was present with two different activities.

Alberto Lorenzo (EO4SD DRR project leader) chaired a discussion session with the title “Satellite imagery for Disaster Risk Reduction” taking as a baseline the argument “Earth Observation provides global, scientifically sound and unbiased information for a better understanding of the present climate crisis and for decision taking”. The objective of this session was to open a debate about the importance of space technology for reducing disaster risk especially in vulnerable communities of countries in development. The success case of the application of these technologies in a real-world example (The support of ESA and EO4SD DRR consortium to the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Indonesia after the disaster of Palu, Sulawesi) was the basis for the discussion.

Iñigo Guevara, member of the EO4SD DRR team, participated in a round table with the title “How Technology play a role in mitigating/adapting climate change?” in a session chaired by the Green Climate Fund and four companies of the IBEX-35 (top 35 companies of the Spanish Stock Market), including Indra. Iñigo presented the EO4SD DRR as one of the examples on how a technology company uses satellite and earth observation to address the effects of the climate change.