CAF – Ecuador – Training 2

Development Bank of Latin America – Ecuador – Training Session 2

Earth-Observation based services to measure Disaster Risk for the initiative Cities With a Future

In 2013, the Development Bank of Latin-American (CAF) launched the initiative “Cities with a Future” to accompany these policies as well as to promote an integrated vision of urban development and a multi sectorial approach to better answer the challenges faced by local governments.

Due to recent events and the accelerated rate of urbanization and population growth, Portoviejo's infrastructures have become more vulnerable increasing its risk to disasters. There is the need of including new monitoring, observation and threat information systems for the development of plans that allow managing these risks.

At local level (Municipality of Portoviejo) the cluster provided two services for an analysis of evolution of wildfires and land use land cover, with the aim of establishing EO-based methods that are replicable in other cities of the Cities with a Future initiative.

The training session was carried out in Spanish explaining the concept, methodology, characteristics and results of the delivered products (historical burned areas and land use land cover).

Event category: Training

IFI: Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)

Main user: Municipality of Portoviejo (Ecuador), Fire Brigade Unit of the Municipality of Portoviejo

Other users involved: Environment and risk management Unit of the Municipality of Portoviejo, Urban Planning Management Unit of the Municipality of Portoviejo

Number of participants: 9

Date: 06/05/2021

Location: Online

Official language: Spanish

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Capture of a moment during the training session with Municipality of Portoviejo (Ecuador)