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Inter-American Development Bank – Dominican Republic – Training Sessions

Enhancing Electric Infrastructures resilience to hurricanes with Earth Observation

Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Sur S.A. (EDESUR) is the company in charge of the power supply in the south of the Dominican Republic, supplying, approximately, one third of the territory.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) funded Program to Expand Electricity Networks and Reduce Technical Losses in Distribution Systems in Dominican Republic has the main objective of enhancing operating efficiency and improving the capacity of EDESUR to satisfy the growing demand for electrical distribution system services. The aims of the program are to support EDESUR on building and operating new electric substations and associated power supply lines and expanding and rehabilitating existing ones.

Taking into account the impacts caused in 2017 by the severe hurricane season in the Caribbean area, this was a good opportunity for the cluster to work on assessing and establishing preventive measures for disaster risk in the Dominican Republic electricity network.

The training sessions were carried out in Spanish introducing EO4SD program with the main objective of showcasing EO4SD-DRR services offered and analyse the results obtained in the framework of increasing resilience of electrical infrastructures with a focus on potential applications of EO techniques in the context of The Caribbean.

The cluster has made a big effort in raising awareness within local users about the possibilities of EO-based techniques and its potential application of environmental management and Disaster Risk Management.

Event category: Training

IFI: Inter-American Development Bank

Main user: Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Sur S.A. (EDESUR)

Other users involved: Corporación Dominicana de Empresas Eléctricas Estatales (CDEEE), EDENORTE and EDEESTE

Number of participants: 138 and 129

Date: 14-15/04/2021

Location: Online

Official language: Spanish

Download the Training Sessions agenda


Capture of a moment of the training session on 14th April 2021


Capture of a moment of the training session on 15th April 2021