EO4SD-DRR Capacity Building strategy

EO4SD-DRR Capacity Building strategy

Capacity-building actions are understood by EO4SD-DRR cluster as key in the awareness, acceptance, and adoption schema for the mainstream of EO in the working practices of IFIs and Client States. EO4SD-DRR has organized CB activities towards targeted audiences of the delivered EO services to boost impacts of the service their impact. The capacity-building activities, training contents, tools, and materials have been tailored by segmenting into different sessions to target specific audiences, Broad Scope or High Level and Training sessions.

Broad scope or high-level sessions

Broad scope or high level sessions are focused on the stakeholders: IFIs TTLs, decision-makers and managerial representatives of Client states (i.e. DRM authorities, Ministries, Agencies). The aim is to explain the products delivered focusing on the relevant outcomes of the services (including limitations) and the utility and benefits they may bring to the IFIs and Client States. 

The cluster shall take the opportunity of this meeting to formally deliver the services provided and explain in detail the advantages and its potential uses.

Training sessions

These sessions are focused on technicians of Client States and IFIs explaining in detail the methodologies followed and EO techniques of application. The main objective of the cluster with this technical sessions are to show the attendees how the products are obtained and how they can be generated, stressing the feasibility of the techniques and accessibility of the data.