WB - City Resilience Program - Broad Scope

World Bank – City Resilience Program – Broad Scope Session

Terrain Deformation in urban areas

Preparing cities for disaster and climate risks and strengthening urban resilience are critical if we are to achieve the development goals, however, the challenge of building more resilient cities can feel insurmountable. Cities generally lack both funding and technical expertise to create and follow an integrated investment program aimed at creating a more resilient future1.

The City Resilience Program (CRP) is driven by the belief that a more resilient future for our cities is possible, aiming at empowering cities to pursue comprehensive and ambitious investment programs to strengthen resilience, and to access a broader range of financing options.

EO4SD-DRR has collaborated with the CRP on the provision of systematic terrain deformation analysis over several cities in a short period of time feeding the CRP’s City Scan process. After a first high level analysis and hotspot detection, a high precision terrain deformation analysis has been carried out over two cities to demonstrate how valuable the information provided can be for the cities to take decisions in prioritizing of investments.

Different broad scope sessions took place along 2020 and 2021 with different Bank teams. The City Resilience Program team received increasingly complex pieces of information regarding the capability of Earth Observation products and services to meet their needs for assessing City Resilience adequately. Moreover, different Broad Scope Sessions were held with the World Bank Urban and DRM teams of the different cities involved in the EO4SD demonstration exercise.

Event category: Broad scope

IFI: World Bank

Cluster´s partners involved: Indra, BRGM

Main user: The World Bank´s City Resilience Program (CRP)

Number of participants: 2-3 CRP and GFDRR staff

Date: several dates along 2020 and 2021

Location: Online

Official language: English

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1City Resilience Program. Annual Report. 2018.