WB - Mozambique - Broad Scope

World Bank – Mozambique – Broad Scope Session

EO-based services to enhance resilient reconstruction in cyclone affected areas

The collaboration of EO4SD-DRR and the World Bank in Mozambique has as main user the World Bank Disaster Risk management team in Mozambique and the the Post-cyclone Idai Reconstruction Office (GREPOC).

The aim of the collaboration focuses on the provinces Sofala and Cabo Delgado. Especially Cabo Delgado is a fragile area where field observations are limited (the same is true for some parts of Sofala). The aim of the collaboration is to identify and categorize areas and buildings damaged by the cyclones Idai and Kenneth and the status of reconstruction one year after the disaster, in order to work better for an increased resilience.

The scope of this session was to highlight the possibilities that Earth Observation brings for providing damage and reconstruction assessments and the benefits, limitations and cost in comparison with the field work. The characteristics of the products were used as a basis for discussing where and how EO techniques can be used for decision taking in a context of massive reconstruction efforts. The audience was the World Bank Disaster Risk Management team of Mozambique.

The activity also served to provide the users with access to EO4SD-DRR delivery platform for accessing the results and invite the entities involved to the more technical sessions taking place on 3rd and 4th of November 2020.

Event category: Broad scope

IFI: World Bank

Main user: World Bank Disaster Risk Management team

Other users involved: Post-cyclone Idai Reconstruction Office (GREPOC) National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC), Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Management Agency (AIAS)

Number of participants: 7

Date: 19/10/2020

Location: Online

Official language: English/Portuguese

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