WB - The Gambia - Broad Scope

World Bank – The Gambia – Broad Scope Session

Services supporting Disaster Risk Reduction in Greater Banjul

Due to its geographical location, the city of Banjul (The Gambia) is especially exposed to a combination of adverse effects of disasters, affecting to a population of about 400,000 people. Only by taking measures of improving the resilience of these communities the Government of The Gambia can protect the most vulnerable population.

The target of the collaboration was to inform future policy and investment decisions in the country to strengthen the resilience of the country’s short, but vulnerable coastline, and highly exposed urban population and assets. In addition, this activity would inform local stakeholders about the status of different monitoring systems. Furthermore, the services will include a component of capacity building to transfer the required knowledge to the local stakeholders to fully exploit the services and guarantee their sustainability in time.

The broad scope event took place on 29th October 2020. The session was organized jointly with the World Bank DRM team working in The Gambia. The presence of the World bank DRM leader for Africa allowed to gather a wide audience where different DRM practitioners (especially working in Africa) attended. The showcasing of the family of products generated in this use case served for highlighting the value of EO-derived information in support of the analysis and monitoring of disasters and their impact on coastal and urban environments.

Event category: Broad scope

IFI: World Bank

Cluster´s partners involved: Planetek, ARGANS and Indra

Main user: Government of The Gambia, Disaster Risk Management core team and practitioners in Africa

Other users involved in the session: World Bank extended Disaster Risk Management team, especially practitioners of DRM working in Africa, ESA

Number of participants: 28

Date: 29/10/2020

Location: Online

Official language: English

Download the Broad Scope agenda

Example of the broad scope session with WB and The Gambia users