Capacity Building Workshop for Myanmar use case: Assessment of landslide hazard to Chin road corridor

Event date: 
27 November 2020

The first capacity building session took place on 27 November and involved more than 28 participants from WB stakeholders, the Department of Highways, Ministry of Constructions (FLERP-DOH) and JV PEC, the consultant company in charge of designing and construction of rehabilitation measures at the Chin state road.

EO4SD-DRR team presented the outcomes of a complex analysis of landslides involving an inventory of existing landslides, an assessment of general susceptibility and a map of active slow slope deformations. The results from the interferometric analysis identify sectors along the road exposed to the highest displacements intensities. 

The information content of the event was perceived of high value for all participant bodies in the support of the design of the civil works. In opinion of one of the Civil Engineer consultants of the World Bank “This information may be used to indicate the consultant team where to focus their measurement efforts in the field works (where to put inclinometers, piezo meters for measurements etc.) thus gaining effectiveness and saving costs. After more than 30 years’ experience, this is an excellent approach”.

Next workshop sessions will count with the verification and validation results of the Ministry of Roads and JV PEC during the field works.