• Indra

    Indra’s Advanced Logistics Group (ALG) and Prointec are two branches of Indra; ALG is specialized in strategic consultancy solutions, specially transportation infrastructure and logistics with wide experience working for IFIs and Prointec provides engineering, architecture, technology and consultancy solutions having generated a business volume of 104 M€ in IFIs funded projects since 1995.

  • Gisat

    Gisat provides EO based processing services for land use / land cover mapping, feature extraction, detection and monitoring of agriculture crops, subsidence, floods or vegetation evolution from various optical and SAR sensors have been developed in frame of research or operational projects. Gisat is a service provider for the Emergency Management Service of the European Commission.

  • Planetek

    Planetek is a Value Adding provider with services using satellite, aerial and drone data cartography and geo-information production alongside with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Data Infrastructures.

    Planetek Italia s.r.l. is a SME established in 1994 who designs new processes and solutions that simplify the use of geospatial information. The Company skills cover all the phases from the acquisition, storage, management, analysis and sharing of geospatial information in order to produce and generate knowledge. Its major application fields are land planning, environment and land monitoring, emergency, security and defence, energy, renewable energy as well as open-government and smart cities. The main activity areas are: Earth Observation, GIS & Spatial Data Infrastructure, Location Based Systems and Space Software. Planetek Italia is also a premium dealer of Hexagon Geospatial and data provider of satellite images.

  • Nazka mapps

    NAZKA is a Value Adding provider providing solutions combining data (open, geographical, statistics, crowd-sourced) & geographic information systems (GIS) with web & mobile technology. The company is specialised in interactive mapping applications and location based API’s (Application Program Interfaces) supporting the presentation and application of EO based products to a wider user base and the general public. 

  • ZAMG

    The Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) is Austria’s National Weather and Geophysical Service providing weather forecasts and warnings, conduct meteorological, climatological and geophysical research, perform seismological measurements and modelling, and serve as environmental consultants. Using EO data ZAMG is the national mirror for Sentinel data and provides services in monitoring of e.g. landslides and droughts.

  • Argans

    Argans is an EO service provider specializing in environmental studies using satellite EO and in-situ surveys including topography, oceanography, land and providing solutions based on Computational Fluid Dynamics to study water run-off, watershed modelling, flooding, sediment & pollutant transport, etc. and other modelling solution looking at land erosion, anthropic changes of the shore line, air & water quality, water resources assessment, health risks factors, etc.

  • LuxSpace

    LuxSpace, a subsidiary of Bremen-based space technology group OHB SE, is a consultancy company looking at stakeholder engagement.

  • BRGM

    BRGM, the French geological survey, is France’s reference public institution for Earth Science applications in the management of surface and subsurface resources and risks.