EO4SD supports Central Sulawesi recovery


On 28th September 2018, the Indonesian island of Sulawesi was hit by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake with epicenter on the North-West coast, 77 kilometers north from the provincial capital Palu. The shock of the earthquake induced a tsunami with a wave height of between 5 and 10 meters, striking directly Palu´s bay. The effect of the earthquake together with the subsequent tsunami caused 2,256 people dead after the disaster and important economic losses.

Under this scenario, the Asian Development Bank and the European Space Agency are working together with the Government of Indonesia in the framework of the EO4SD DRR project. The executing consortium is providing products and services as support for the drafting of a Master Plan that addresses the recovery of the affected areas and the application of mitigation measures. Moreover and following the needs of the local authorities, the consortium is providing cartography on Land Cover, Flood susceptibility, Night light change and Displacement.

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